Rhizome Candle 05
Rhizome Candle 05

Rhizome Candle 05

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Founded by Stefano Aschieri, Andrea Aschieri and Dario Pozzi in 2019, Rhizome is a creative project made by nice people.

Rhizome believes that in the overpopulated market of niche perfumery, most brands have distanced themselves from the customer with high prices, impersonal branding and a fake sense of luxury.

A fresh approach is required, an approach that is focused on the customer, on simplicity, on quality and creating an experience of value.

Rhizome Candle 05 is a spicy and fresh scented candle. Amber and caraway notes are perfectly balanced to create an oriental yet refined fragrance. A rich and persistent perfume that represents faraway landscapes and environments. An adventurous journey through classic fragrances.