Lubin - Sinbad - Parfum 100ml
Lubin - Sinbad - Parfum 100ml

Lubin - Sinbad - Parfum 100ml

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Sinbad the sailor of Basra was neither a great general nor a fearsome warrior. But he was afraid of nothing and the tales of “The Thousand and One Nights” tell of his bravery during his many travels.
When he returned from his roguish adventures, he liked to have his closest friends gather around.
Once he had washed their hands with essences of rose and orange flower water, amidst the smoke of precious incense, he would tell them of his strange encounters in faraway places, and describe in great detail the treasures he had discovered but then lost forever.

Top notes: pink pepper, tangerine, bergamot
Middle notes: rose, cinnamon, incense, orange blossom
Base notes: vanilla, benzoin, sandalwood, ambergris