Lubin - Sarmate - Parfum 100ml
Lubin - Sarmate - Parfum 100ml

Lubin - Sarmate - Parfum 100ml

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At the end of the Roman Empire, the Sarmatians were on the front line of every battle, exposed, solid, and fearless.
Their glittering metal armor protected them and their mounts from enemy arrows, making them almost invincible. This wall of metal giants would then slowly move towards the enemy.
The smell of sweat and leather from the horses combined with the scent of heady balms used to make their manes shine.
Then the cavalry would charge, making a formidable noise, carried along by an irresistible and devastating force.

Top notes: davana, angelica, nutmeg
Middle notes: saffron, myrrh, styrax
Base notes: leather, Atlas cedar, oud