Fragrance and Beauty Room
The celebrated poet and novelist C.JoyBelle C. Once said “ You are never fully dressed without perfume.” We couldn’t agree more and our electric array of men’s and women’s fragrances capture that sentiment beautifully.

Let our Beauty Room take your senses on a tour of the world with signature brands including Acqua di Parma, Creed, Hermes, Lubin, Robert Piguet, Helmut Lang and CoSTUME NATIONAL.
Aqua Di Parma "OUD" Aqua Di Palma Cologna 100ml    
Idole De Lubin Lubin Akkad Lubin Korrigan Lubin Upper Ten - for Men  
Black Jade by Lubin Lubin Upper Ten - for Men      
Maria Evora Boxed Soap made in Spain  
Ester + Erik Taper & Cone Candles